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  • City of Aspen, CO, Ruedi Reservoir Hydro Expansion, 1 MW Francis Turbine, Feasibility Study.

  • Denver Water, Ralston Water Treatment Plant, 1 MW Francis Turbines, Feasibility Study and Preliminary Sizing, 30% Design, Turbine Package Specifications, FERC Qualifying Conduit Facility Approval (subcontract to Jacobs).

  • Gunnison County Electric Association, Taylor Park Hydropower, 500 kW Francis Turbine, Feasibility Study, USBR Lease of Power Privilege Application.

  • Town of Carbondale, CO, Nettle Creek Micro-Hydro, 40 kW Turgo Turbine, Feasibility Study, USFS Special Use Permit, and Final Design.

  • City of Santa Fe, NM, Nichols Conduit Hydropower, 23 kW Pump-as-Turbine, Feasibility and Preliminary Sizing (subcontract to AECOM).

  • Town of Snowmass Village, CO, PRV Replacement, 22 kW Pump-as-Turbine, Final Design.

  • Nukissiorfiit, Greenland, Remote Village Micro-Hydro, 75-150 kW Cross Flow Turbines, Feasibility Study (subcontract to Deloitte).

  • Tasmanian Irrigation, Australia, System-Wide Hydropower Assessment, Feasibility Study.

  • Mt Princeton Hot Springs, Hydropower Evaluation, Various Sites, Feasibility Study.

  • City of Salida, CO, Salida Hydro Due Diligence, 530 kW Pelton Turbine, Due Diligence and Feasibility Study (subcontract to AECOM).

  • City of Golden, CO, System-Wide Hydropower Assessment, Various Sites, Feasibility Study.

  • Bougainville Power & Light, Bougainville Island, 25 MW Hydropower Micro-Grid, Planning, Permitting, Feasibility Study, and Grant Writing.

  • Natel Energy, Monroe Hydropower Retrofit, 250 kW Turbine, 90% Design and Specifications.

  • Sleeping Giant Power, LLC, Helena Valley Pumping Plant Hydropower, 10 MW Francis Turbines, Project Management, 30% Design, Water Right Application, Environmental Permitting, Interconnection Application, and USBR Lease of Power Privilege process.

  • White River Electric Association, Miller Creek Ditch Hydroelectric Project, 160 kW Cross-Flow Turbine, Feasibility Study, Grant Writing, Project Management, Final Design, Construction Oversight.

  • Tri-Districts, Soldier Canyon Filter Plant Micro-Hydro Project, 200 kW In-line Francis Turbine, Feasibility Study, FERC Qualifying Conduit Facility Approval, Interconnection Application, Project Management, Final Design, Contract Administration.

  • Wyoming Water Development Commission, Pinedale Level II Hydropower Feasibility Study, Various sites, Feasibility Study (with Applegate Group).

  • Nebraska Public Power District, State of Nebraska Hydropower Assessment (with Applegate Group).

  • Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Pueblo Dam Hydropower, 7 MW Francis Turbine, Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design, Bureau of Reclamation Lease of Power Privilege application (with Applegate Group).

  • Orchard Mesa Irrigation District, Pumping Plant Hydropower Feasibility, Grant Writing, Feasibility Study (with Applegate Group).

  • Conduit Hydro, Jamaican Hydropower Projects, 400 kW Rehabilitation, 8 MW Greenfield Site, 30 MW Pumped Storage Site. Feasibility Studies.

  • Crawford Water Conservancy District, Smith Fork Project Hydropower Site Assessment, 50-300 kW Turbines, Feasibility Study.

  • Alta Ski Area, Micro-Hydro Project in Snowmaking System, 75 kW Pelton Turbine, Feasibility Study, FERC Qualifying Conduit Facility Approval.


  • Colorado Energy Office, "Small Hydropower Handbook"

  • Colorado Department of Agriculture, "Agricultural Hydropower Technical Manual"

  • Colorado Department of Agriculture, "Exploring the Viability of Low Head Hydropower in Colorado's Existing Irrigation Infrastructure"

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, Cost Analysis of Hydropower Options at Non-Powered Dams, Contributed ground truth cost estimates, DOE funded project.  

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, National Conduit Hydropower Resource Assessment, Assessed the potential of US industrial conduits to generate hydropower, DOE funded project.

  • Natel Energy, Restoration Hydro: A Watershed Approach to Standard Modular New Hydropower, Contributed civil engineering technical expertise, DOE funded project.

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, Opportunities for Minimum Flow Co-Development using Standard Modular Hydropower Technologies, Contributed civil engineering technical expertise, DOE funded project.

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, Cost Analysis for Hydropower at Five NPD Sites, Contributed civil engineering technical expertise, DOE funded project.

  • Obermeyer Hydro, Cost-Effective Small Scale Pumped Storage Configuration, Contributed civil engineering technical expertise, Project Management, Conceptual Design, Cost Estimates, DOE funded project.

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, Turbine Development, Conceptual designs to assist early-stage turbine development, DOE funded project.

  • Natel Energy, Efficient, Modular Low Head Linear Pelton Turbine with Simple Low-Cost Civil Works, Conceptual designs, alternatives analysis, cost estimates, DOE funded project.

  • Colorado Energy Office, Community Renewable Facility Guidance Document, Considered using a renewable garden approach to hydropower in Colorado, feasibility study.

  • Natel Energy, Civil Cost Reductions, Contributed civil engineering technical expertise.

  • Colorado Energy Office, PRV Hydropower Workshops, Trained municipal staff on PRV hydropower potential and implementation.

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